Preparing a Will: Is It Reasonable to Hire a Lawyer?

Doing it yourself instead of working with TGB Lawyers Wills and Estates Darwin is the first thing you may think when you finally decide to make a will. So you can avoid the fees that come with hiring the services of a lawyer, your instincts will tell you to do it on your own. Although some scenarios may allow you to do it without the presence of a lawyer, however, there are times wherein their services are necessary.

So in this article, we will investigate both sides of the argument for your peace of mind.

Why write your own will without lawyers help?

Cost is the primary benefit of drafting a will on your own. In drafting a will, a lawyer generally charges between a few hundred to several thousands of dollars. While for do-it-yourself online will program, about $300 to $400 is the price. It is undeniably too costly compared to writing the entire will yourself, which costs you nothing. However, writing a will without a lawyer will generally not pose a problem if your assets and bequests are only simple and straightforward, and you are careful in complying with the Australian law.

Why should you hire a lawyer instead?

You will have peace of mind by having a lawyer to draft your will. A lawyer will ensure that your will complies with all the laws here in Australia. Not only that but they will also provide you with the best tax advantages for your estate and heirs and accounts in your particular circumstances. In other words, even if it is contested in court, you will have the assurance that the document will stand up. Rest assured that the lawyer will help in carrying out all your wishes the way you want it to be.

Other Considerations

Be sure to make a careful research of the applicable laws if you choose to write a will without a lawyer. Your search must particularly about respect to inheritance laws, signing of the will and other requirements relevant to witness. Additionally, always remember that ambiguity in a will can render it invalid, so make sure to write your wishes as clearly as possible.

In some circumstances, the least risky option is hiring TGB Lawyers Wills and Estates Darwin to draft your will. If you have assets in multiple countries or states, have minor children, have remarried, own a small business, possesses assets over $2 million, it is a smart move to hire a lawyer. They are also helpful if you think that your will might be contested in court. Also, if you don’t understand the online forms or believe that it doesn’t meet your needs, hiring a lawyer may be a good idea as well.