Understanding How Stormwater Drainage Systems Work

Stormwater drainage is an artificial plumbing system designed to discharge excess groundwater and rainwater in places where impervious surfaces like paved roads, parking areas, walkways, and roofs are not built-in to the property. This type of drainage is not intended for use with pools and hot tubs.

stormwater-adelaideA storm drainage system usually consists of a maintenance hole cover that serves as the source of both gravity-fed and pump-fed storm drains. Both methods can be run simultaneously; however, a sizeable pump-fed system is required in a lot of wetland areas where it is vital to have the stormwater drains out quickly after heavy rains.

Stormwater drains can be combined with the main sewer system, but this method is more likely to have clogging problems. If your existing sewer system carries the stormwater into the ground, then the next logical step is to install a new stormwater drain. Storm drains come in different materials, sizes, capacities, and forms, but they typically connect to an external or internal sump pump.

A lot of people tend to ignore Stormwater-Adelaide drainage systems when building their house because they feel that they do not need them. However, if you have young kids at home, then it would be best to build in an effective storm drainage system than to risk drowning your children.

Another relatively simple way to build a storm drainage system in your home is to use PVC pipe. This is a widely available and economical material that you can easily find at your local hardware store. To make it more convenient for you to install this type of drainage in your home, you can choose to use prefabricated pieces instead of putting in new ones.

Another way that you can make your pipe look beautiful is by painting it with a decorative coating such as PVC paint. It is much more durable than most types of paint. This will also protect your pipes from damage by animals and birds.

Once your storm drains are installed, you should place some signage that explains where they are located, what purpose they serve, and when they will be removed. If you do not have signage, then you can also place signs about the stormwater drains on the walls of your home or the exterior wall. Of course, this will also help attract pests such as rats and raccoons. When the signs are installed, you should make sure to close the entrances of your home tightly, and not allow anyone to leave through these openings until the signs are removed.

If you cannot find signs about the Stormwater-Adelaide drains on the exterior of your home, then you can put a poster board or some sign on the interior of your home with your address and the direction to the stormwater drain.