A Podiatrist Can Diagnose and Treat Foot Conditions

If you have been searching for a podiatrist Adelaide for your foot problems, you must realise that it is not an easy job. A podiatrist performs various types of foot care and treatment. The most common services of a podiatrist include treating fungal and bacterial infections, repairing damaged feet and ankles, removing skin tags, wart removal of painful nerve endings on the hands, legs and feet. Podiatrists can perform surgeries as well, but most of them are considered to be more conventional.

Podiatrist AdelaideYou can consult a podiatrist if you suffer from bunions. Bunions are characterised by the bulges or protrusion of one or both feet. The name comes from the word bunion, which means ‘on or over the joint’. You can find various explanations for the cause of bunions, but the most common one is the shift in the centre of the body over a period. A big toe or two may also be the cause if other joints have become misplaced. A podiatrist can diagnose bunions and give you effective treatments.

Bones that are fractured or those that have been severely impacted are those that a podiatrist can diagnose. The most common method to diagnose these is through x-rays. X-rays will show the extent of the broken bones if they have been severely impacted and around the bone; if the injury is close to the bone itself is very weak. Sometimes the doctors will also use CT scans and MRI scans to determine the severity of the problem. If the fractured bones are severe, then the patient will be hospitalised, and the doctors will have to perform surgery on the patient to relieve pressure on the fractured bones.

Another reason why a podiatrist Adelaide is called such is that he or she takes care of the musculoskeletal structure of the lower leg. It includes treating the neuromusculoskeletal system that includes nerves, joints, bones, muscles and tendons. Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan can be designed for the patient. Most of the time, the treatment plan will include exercise, nutritional advice and chiropractic treatments.

When a person has a fracture in their foot, the first thing that a podiatrist will do is analyse their patient’s medical history. The doctor will also take the measurements of the bones in the foot and the condition of the joints. In addition to this, the podiatrist Adelaide will know about the patient’s weight, height, age and current health conditions. Based on the details gathered from the patient’s medical history, the doctor will design an effective treatment plan for the patient. Most of the time, the diagnosis and treatment of fractured feet can be made in a podiatrist’s office within a short period. Usually, it will take four to six weeks to get your fracture checked and diagnosed before you can begin using the appropriate treatment.

One of the most common conditions affecting the feet is arthritis. Most of the time, people do not notice the early stages of arthritis. They may not experience any symptoms until the condition has progressed into severe stages. It is why it is important to see a podiatrist or a specialist who can properly diagnose and treat foot disorders. It will help to keep both you and your feet healthy.