Pergolas: A Simple yet Functional Outdoor Addition

Various confusing choices for outdoor structures that offer space, shade, and seclusion often present themselves to homeowners. What makes a pergola different from the rest? Pergolas Victoria will help you understand what makes a pergola, the different types, and benefits of installing one in your backyard.

Pergolas are simple outdoor structures composed of vertical posts or pillars without solid roof or walls. Since they do not necessarily have to provide shade, decorative roof designs like crossbeams and open lattice usually are implemented.

1) Pergolas create visual interest.

Aside from adding architectural beauty to your backyard or garden, a pergola creates visual interest by defining outdoor space. Kiosks, as open structures, do not make the space smaller or more confined.

2) Pergolas offer multifunctional uses

Kiosks can be added as open-air carports and attached structures to patios and verandahs. Utilizing them as vertical gardens for plant-lovers. Climbing plants such as wisteria, honeysuckle, clematis, ivy and grape vines can intertwine from the ground up to the boards to create a natural ceiling. Hanged potted plants can also on the boards for an added touch. Aside from being a garden extension, pergolas can serve as an additional outdoor living space. You can set up an outdoor fire feature and patio or dining table and enjoy quality time with your family under the sun. You can also create an outdoor spa and spend some luxury time with your friends. Instead of keeping everyone indoors, pergolas allow you to enjoy the perfect Australia weather in a versatile outdoor living space.

3) Shade and privacy

Pergolas Victoria can provide an ample amount of shade and privacy, depending on your preferences. Beam size and equal spacing determine the amount of shade provided to a certain extent. If you require full shade, the fabric can be added to cover the beams aside from the thick foliage of climbing plants. You can also create privacy through the addition of screens, latticework, or drapes to one side of the pergola. When positioned well, they can block unappealing structures such as an open road or the neighbour’s playground.

4) Boost home value

A gorgeous and versatile outdoor living space increases your home’s value because outdoor entertainment has been a lifestyle in itself for homeowners. According to renovation experts, eye-catching outdoor design can add as much as 20% to your home’s value. A well-maintained pergola with climbing plants or hanging garden can attract potential buyers and allow you to increase your asking price. It is one outdoor feature that makes your home different from the rest. However, take note that a poorly designed pergola can decrease your home’s value.

5) Affordable

A pergola will be the ideal choice if you want to enhance your outdoor space without spending much. They are reasonable in terms of cost and can be built with a wide range of materials mentioned above. Let us help you find the perfect Pergolas Victoria design that will suit your budget, purpose, and style.