How to Ace Your Road Rules Theory Test

Like all other initial driving theory tests in this country, the Road Rules Theory Test for WA is a non-waivable requirement to obtain a licence to drive in this state. Its a computer-based test comprised of 30 questions. The questions are based on the provisions found on the Drive Safe” handbook as provided by the state. The corresponding agency tasked to carry out the test and accept bookings is the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre. There also are regional agents that you can coordinate with to make the process easier.

Passing the Test with Little Effort

The learners test wa is one of the shortest in Australia, with only 30 questions. Youll have to get 24 questions right to pass. Like all other theory tests, theres a resource in the form of a handbook for you to study. Every question in the test is derived from the content in the handbook, so theres no reason to fail if you read it.


Keep in mind that failing the test means that you no longer can re-do it for that schedule or day. In other words, you must come back another day for the second attempt. In the meantime, you must take the opportunity to complete more practice tests as it serves you best.

Importance of the Road Rules Theory Test

As the term suggests, this test will showcase your knowledge about the rules to follow when youre behind the wheel. But its not merely about theory. The real purpose is to instil a sense of discipline and responsibility to a young driver like you.

Its a well-known fact that many young drivers, especially males, are prone to accidents because of aggressive and risk-taking driving behaviour. Its quite alarming that most of the reported accidents happen in the first six months of getting the licence.

The learners test wa is like preventive maintenance in a vehicle. What it does is to measure the drivers absorption of the contents found in the handbook. You change your vehicles fluid and oil to keep the engine running smooth. You change the replaceable parts so that they wont hinder the cars performance. Accordingly, the Road Rules Theory Test ensures that you have a defensive mindset in driving once youre behind the wheel.

Be reminded that passing the Road Rules Theory Test is just the beginning. It doesnt mean that youre ready to get your licence and drive a car all by yourself. You must undergo hours of supervised driving experience. The purpose of practical driving lessons is to expose you to real-world traffic situations. This is where youd apply all the things youve learned from the handbook about road rules and keeping everyone safe at all times.

Once youve developed the skills to control the car safely, then thats the time that you get the chance to undergo the practical driving assessment test. For most states, the minimum age requirement to qualify for the assessment is 17 years, and you must complete at least 50 hours of supervised driving experience.