Install Your Gutter Guards Now; Don’t Wait for the Rainy Season!

As far as difficult upkeep and home maintenance chores that every homeowner must face every year, gutter cleaning is way up there! So, we checked our handy DIY Gutter Guard Guide, and sure enough, it reminds us that we shouldn’t install gutter guards while the rain is falling. How’s that’s for a no-brainer!

The rainy season greets us with much enthusiasm and excitement while we start worrying about how to keep our gutters protected from the rainwater. Gutters are easy to overlook, but suddenly they become a problem during the rainy season. We worry about water coming down in sheets down the eaves of our roof onto the ground when the gutter is blocked or not functioning correctly. Poor water drainage can wreak havoc as well to our walls and ceilings.


All gutters located around your home must be cleaned and unclogged to function properly and avoid flooding your roof. Often, leaves, small bushes and twigs flow to the bottom of the drainspout where they are caught in the channel, which eventually causes water to stagnate in the system. Rainwater, when it doesn’t flow properly will cause the gutters to overflow and create problems that we don’t need to deal with. Soon you will have to deal with unacceptable odour caused, no doubt, by the stagnant water and rotting debris.


Cleaning your own gutter can be a very tedious task, first, you have to stand on a ladder. Then you’ve got to hang on with one hand while the other gets busy scooping out debris that may have accumulated in the gutters. The danger of falling is all too real!


Finding the time to do it is almost impossible – there are a lot of pressing issues at work or worse, your health no longer permits you to do chores like this.


So what would you do? Hire someone to do the work? If so, you have to pay fifty to a hundred dollars for someone to do it. This is not a big deal, but during the rainy season, you will not be able to get anyone you can pay to do it. When the rain comes, it will be nearly impossible to clean your gutters.


However, there is a permanent solution and that is installing gutter guards in your gutter to block all branches, leaves, branches and animals that enter the gutter. Water will flow in the right direction.


You will also be preventing small animals from making their home in your gutter. With guards, cleaning the gutters because they can prevent dirt, leaves, twigs and even small critters from entering and clogging your gutters. All it would take is some slight sweeping of brushing to clear off anything that might block the rainwater flow. You no longer have to go up to the roof because all materials can be removed directly from the top of the guard.


According to the DIY Gutter Guard Guide, there are many styles and sizes of gutter guards available in the market. However, good quality is what must be sought when shopping for them. Whatever guard material you choose, ensure the superior quality of the product. You need to consider the installation process as well, whether it is easy enough to install, in case you want to do it yourself. If not, it is advisable to hire a professional installation service.