The Major Players in Your Commercial Kitchen Fit Out Team

Are you looking at putting on a chef’s hat and opening your very own restaurant? Or perhaps you have one that can use a renovation?

commercial kitchen fit outs adelaideLet’s dive in and find out the essentials of designing a restaurant kitchen as well as who can give you practical tips and ideas for maximum utilisation of the kitchen space and its functionality. Here, we’ll tell you who are the leading players of the most successful commercial kitchen fit outs Adelaide.

Designing a commercial kitchen is a challenging proposition and expensive as well. Expect to spend a more significant chunk of your capital investment into getting this vision realised. While the restaurant dining room can be repaired or a redesign is more or less more accessible, the restaurant’s kitchen is where you can run into some significant problems if its original plan needs to be changed.

Installed features of the kitchen, such as those for water supply and drainage, electrical wiring, gas supply and other installations, if installed improperly, will be complicated to rectify and quite expensive. However, mistakes do happen. The best thing to do, which you have the opportunity to do it initially, is to avoid these mistakes before designing a restaurant kitchen.

Builder and Tradies

The commercial kitchen fit outs Adelaide team includes expert electricians, plumbers, and builders whom you will collaborate with to turn your dream or vision into reality.  Throughout the whole kitchen fit out, the key is communicating with these major players to get that kitchen ready before your restaurant opening.


If there is one person you should ever overlook, it is perhaps your chef, unless you are the chef! A seasoned chef will have a lot to say regarding the design and placement of appliances and other installations for smooth movement around the workspace.

Accordingly, your chef will know everything about the process of preparation and what kind of restaurant equipment is necessary.


Apart from the trades, you will also work with a designer who will listen and draw up the kitchen floor plan to your specifications. Only after all the suggestions and opinions from these major players involved have been gathered should you begin to work with your designer, although it is best to have him or her present while collaborating. You will find that you will spend a lot of time with your designer throughout the project.


Another thing to note is that, more often than not, your electricians, plumbers, and builders can’t see your vision with your eyes and deny the possibility of implementing the ideas into action. The word to you wise one is, do not give up! Seek the second opinion from other commercial kitchen fit outs Adelaide company or craftsman, and a third one if necessary. You may have to pay a little more money to make the work done more precisely as you planned. In the long term, it is you who will be there overseeing everything!