Should You Be Intrigued with Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates deals with the rehabilitation and treatment of the body’s movement, posture, as well as muscle balance. The concept targets or focuses on a specific area that not only promotes healing but prevents you from re-injuring yourself and improving your overall mobility and function as well.

  1. Chronic Pain

You will likely need Clinical Pilates Adelaide exercises if you are suffering from an ongoing back or neck pain. The activities will facilitate segmental spinal mobility. It means that it will get you to move at each segment of your spine which will decrease stiffness and eventually pain. To prevent this stiffness or soreness from re-occurring and to offload pressure on the spine, the focus of the exercise will be on strengthening the surrounding muscles and posture.

  1. Recovery from Injury

Athletes recovering from injury use Clinical Pilates. The treatment will guide right from the initial rehab exercises to facilitating their return to sport effectively. Clinical Pilates is also used in preventing injuries through assessing the athlete’s posture and movement. Also, to enhance the performance and eliminate getting potential injuries, the treatment will make you start performing specific exercises to improve muscle balance and control as well.

  1. Pre and Post Natal

Some changes in hormone levels which affect posture and can lead to musculoskeletal pain may happen during pregnancy. To effectively avoid it, continuous doing of gentle exercises in the specific stage of pregnancy which your physio can provide is of great importance. Strengthening lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and birth are what Clinical Pilates from Kinetic Rehabilitation works on for new mothers.

The most common side effect following pregnancy is abdominal diastasis. Fortunately, several Clinical Pilates exercises are available that can assist in strengthening the lower abdominals and facilitate the realignment of the abdominals.

  1. Core Strengthening

Whether you are a gym lover or you live a sedentary lifestyle, having a poor ‘core’ muscle control could lead you to acquire frequent injuries. Due to their local or smaller postural muscles, even if people are healthy, it can still go weak. You can obtain more stress through the ligaments and joints, which increases the risk of injury if these muscles no longer work properly to hold your body in an excellent position. In getting these muscles back on track, your physio will provide you with a treatment program.

  1. Pre and Post Surgery

Keep in mind that it is beneficial to strengthen the surrounding muscles before undergoing surgery as it can assist your body in the recovery process. You may experience a decrease in movement through the area as the muscles at your incision site are weakened following surgery. Thankfully, you can strengthen your muscles back with the help of Clinical Pilates Adelaide that can assist you in recovering faster.