Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Services You Can Count On

You may be wondering, what exactly is the difference between carpet cleaning Adelaide services offered by professional carpet cleaners and those offered by home-based carpet cleaning companies? What’s the difference between dry carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning? And how do professional carpet cleaners deliver clean carpets with minimal damage? The answer to all these questions lies in understanding the technology that has been used to provide these services. In this article, you’ll learn about the technologies that have helped carpet cleaners deliver clean carpets with minimal damage for years.


Carpet Cleaning AdelaideWhile there are several carpet cleaning services available today, the one offering the best dry carpet cleaning prices is a service called Carpet Masters. Carpet Masters operates out of California and is led by none other than John Lawrence Sullivan, who has been a premier installer of carpet cleaning systems for the last 30 years. John has spent a lot of time researching the market for good cleaners and has put together a team of experts who specialize in delivering dry carpet cleaning services at affordable prices.


Dry carpet cleaning Adelaide services from Carpet Masters deliver a fast and effective carpet cleaning solution that works in three steps to ensure your carpets remain stain-resistant. The first of these steps is pre-treating your carpets with a stain-resistant chemical. The pre-treating process protects your carpet by neutralizing chemicals that can cause discolouration. This includes everything from coffee and tomato stains to paint and watercolour. Pre-treating helps protect carpets against these types of colours and keeps them looking vibrant and clean. This is especially important if you have a tendency for discolouration in your carpets – after all, you don’t want your beautiful rugs to turn into ugly brown stains any time.


The second step in Carpet Masters dry carpet cleaning services is a shampooing and steam extraction process. This part of the process ensures that your carpets get the deep cleaning treatment they require. The shampooing process removes dirt, grease, and grime on the rug’s surface and softens tough stains. The steam extraction method works by lifting the dirt from the carpet fibres and lifting embedded soil and debris. Both of these processes leave your carpet looking cleaner and feel softer. It’s no wonder these two steps are necessary to the carpet cleaning Adelaide services offered by Carpet Masters.


Once Carpet Masters thoroughly clean your carpets, you will need to remove the remaining dirt, grease and grime using a carpet cleaner. The Carpet Masters can help you choose a proper carpet cleaner that will get the job done right. If you prefer, you can also avail of other Carpet Masters dry cleaning services including dry carpet shampooing and steam extraction. Professional carpet cleaners at Carpet Masters have the knowledge and experience required to ensure that stains are removed, and your carpet stays clean. You can trust Carpet Masters to deliver excellent results because they are the leaders in carpet cleaning services.