Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Breast reduction mammoplasty is the cosmetic plastic surgery method for reducing the overall size of small breasts. In a breast reduction surgery, the doctor will lift and remove the nipple and areola, resulting in an inverted T-shaped curve in the chest area. In a breast reduction mammoplasty, for restoring a proportionate functional breast to the female patient, the overall size of the breast is reduced by up to 40%.

There is normally general anaesthesia during this surgery, and the patients are anesthetized during the entire surgery procedure. Following the surgery, they are observed for any complications such as swelling, rash, or infection. In addition, they are advised to avoid activities that can cause swelling like exercising or any sports that require extended periods of standing or moving the arm. Certain medications and herbal supplements can cause excessive swelling or rashes, so it is best to ask the surgeon about these before the surgery. These medications can be temporarily stopped while the patient is recovering from the breast reduction surgery.


After surgery in Breast Reduction Adelaide, the patient will experience swelling and bruising depending on the method used. This is normal and does not require any medication or treatment. Reducing the size of the breasts naturally by breast reduction mammoplasty requires a certain amount of time to heal and recover from the operation. The first few weeks after the operation may be quite painful due to the localized and generalized anaesthesia. This will decrease with time and the patient will resume normal activities soon after the recovery period is complete.

It is important to report any changes in the breasts to the surgeon at the first signs of any irregularities. These irregularities may point to breast cancer, nipples that are asymmetrical, excessive breast size or other complications of the breast reduction surgery itself. Women who have undergone this procedure should maintain regular breast exams to check for any difficulties. Women concerned about developing breast cancer should contact their surgeon at the first signs of any abnormal changes.

Recovery from breast reduction surgery in Breast Reduction Adelaide is quite easy as long as the incisions are left open to allow natural breast growth and circulation. Some swelling and bruising are to be expected and mild soreness or mild pain in the area where the incisions were made. The recovery period will depend on the type of operation performed. It will take several weeks before the stitches are removed and the skin is completely healed. During this period, the patient will only need to apply special medication to avoid infection or other complications regularly.

Most patients will return to work and most normal activities within a couple of weeks after the breast reduction surgery. There will be some discomfort or soreness during the initial days, but this usually increases over time. This discomfort will be mild to moderate and can be treated with over-the-counter medication. In some cases, no recovery is needed as the scars fade over time. Recovery from the procedure will typically last between one and three months and most people can resume normal daily activities within six months.