Best Tile Designs for Bathroom Walls and Floors

Bathroom walls add an aesthetic aspect to your bath’s overall look if they are appropriately designed. If you’re looking for the most beautiful Aurees-Tiles bathroom tiles Adelaide, you’re right where you should be.


When it comes to bathroom tiles, you need to keep in mind that the flooring and wall design doesn’t always need to be the same. What’s important is the design for both share a common factor. For example, colours can be different, but the texture should be the same.

Check out these bathroom walls and flooring tile ideas that will bring more life to your bath.


  1. Gray on White

If you have an all-white flooring, experts suggest a darker hue for the walls. You can opt for black or grey Aurees-Tiles bathroom tiles Adelaide for your walls to create a contrasting effect. Many people go for all white, but since we’re in an innovative age, you may want to break the rules. You may end up liking the striking effect of contrasting colours.


  1. Hexagon Styles

There’s so much more to hexagon tiles than what you think. Some homeowners have explored the possibilities with this particular design, and they ended up liking the results. One of the eye-catching patterns you can try with hexagon tiles is an all-white wall with a single, giant, black slab in the middle.


  1. Marble

Marble tiles are popular in many households because of the elegance they bring. You can either have it plain or ask your contractor to mix in a contrasting colour. Experts recommend marble for the sink area or the walls, as well as the lining for a bathtub.


  1. Giant Tiles

Giant cuts are highly recommended for both floors and walls. The smaller tiles can go to the sink and other parts of the bath that you want tiles in. The purpose of big tiles is for ease in cleaning and a more uniform appearance.


  1. Plain Hues

If you have a small bathroom, experts recommend plain tiles to create the illusion of a bigger space. You can then add some designs on the walls, as long as the flooring is plain. To further expand the look of your small bathroom, limit the furniture. Instead of cabinets, install frameless shelves for towels and toiletries.


  1. Custom Design

If you’re someone who likes all things personalised, talk to your provider.  A reliable tile provider offers customised installation so that even your bathroom speaks of your personality and preferences.

Bathrooms deserve the same care and attention you give to other rooms in your home. Give it the make-over it deserves and experience the comfort a well-designed and functional bath offers!