Balers Twine: Importance and Agricultural Benefits

When it comes to wrapping and storing bale, you can’t get the job done without a strong and durable rope to hold things together. That’s why you need a balers twine to finish everything up and make sure your silages are stored perfectly inside your plastic wrap. With a baling twine, you can ensure success in your bale wrapping and storing work, resulting in high-quality forage for your farm animals. As mentioned above, here are some of the benefits that you get when you start using bale twine:

 Optimum Silage Preservation

A plastic wrap isn’t enough to wrap and store your bales. You need something to tie it up and make sure it doesn’t open prematurely. That’s where the baling twine comes in handy. Because it made from 100% high-quality fibrous materials, it’s perfect for wrapping bales as it has all-natural properties and reinforced strength and durability. It can strengthen the quality of your wrap and make sure your silage preservation is successful. With a balers twine wrapped around your bales, it will have the properties to withstand the harsh outdoor weather.

Prevents Moisture

A plastic wrap on its own will still let in moisture from the outside and ruin the quality of your silage. However, that can be remedied by incorporating a baling twine into the process. By tying it with twine, you can tighten the wrap to prevent any moisture from infiltrating the cover. With a balers twine, your silage is wrapped neatly underneath the sheets of wrap and twine, securing its freshness and nutrients. As a result, you will yield better-quality forage with lesser spoilage rate.

Time-saving Baling Process

Finally, baling using a baling twine and a high-quality plastic wrap will make the entire baling process as easy as one-two-three! All you need to work on is to gather the right amount of bale wrap and twine. Start wrapping your bales of silage with the film, wrapping it around in either a square or round shape. Afterwards, you can then finish things off with twine to make your bales stronger and more durable. You can then proceed to tie the entire batch of bales together with baling twine to make sure that they are secure and ready for storage or transport.

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